Module: _savescr      Library: Clipper 5.3

This module contains the following functions and procedures:

Note: Because this is raw decompiler output, the code is closer
to that seen in a .PPO file, rather than a .PRG file. In other
words, you must allow for the preprocessor conversions normally 
performed based on the contents of STD.CH and other .CH files
#include ""
#include ""

//  file-wide static variables
static Static1

function __XRESTSCR

   if ( Static1 != Nil )
      restore screen from Static1[ 3 ]
      SetPos(Static1[ 1 ], Static1[ 2 ])
   Static1 := Nil
   return Nil

function __XSAVESCR

   Static1 := {Row(), Col(), SaveScreen(0, 0, MaxRow(), MaxCol())}
   return Nil


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