Source code loss can strike anyone. Backup devices may have failed, or been mis-configured, or perhaps backups were not made at all. The loss may represent recent updates or additions, or even the entire application. Or, Y2K-compliance or other demands may require modification of an old application for which the source code has been misplaced.

MythoLogics was the creator and co-author of Valkyrie, the first and finest Clipper decompiler. However, we are no longer associated with the current vendor of Valkyrie, and further development of the product appears to have ceased several years ago.

As a result, the retail version of Valkyrie occasionally fails to decompile executables linked with Blinker 3.0 or 3.1, and is totally unable to handle files linked with any versions of Blinker newer than that. In addition, it cannot handle recent versions of the Exospace linker and cannot handle files created with any version of Clipper 5.3.

MythoLogics has developed techniques to decompile most of these "problem" files, including those linked with Blinker 5.1 and compiled with Clipper 5.3b. However, we have not been able to automate this, so that each application file must be handled as a separate case. We can provide various levels of recovery, ranging from "raw" Valkyrie output, to more polished, readable code. In addition, Valkyrie does not fully decompile code using Class(y) OOPs (Object Oriented Programming) extensions, and we can provide the additional translation necessary to restore usable OOP class-definition source code. Decompilation services are billed on an hourly basis, in 15 minute increments.

Since each application is different, we cannot blindly predict cost, or guarantee success. However, there is no cost to you if we are unable to decompile your application. Please email us your executable (together with any necessary overlay files), compressed as a .zip or .arj file, for a FREE estimate of the charges for decompilation.

MythoLogics in no way condones or supports software piracy. However, we believe that source code can be lost by honest people, with a legitimate right to that code. We are proud of our results assisting those clients to recover their intellectual property. We are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your proprietary code, but may also require clients to sign a simple statement documenting their legal ownership of that code.

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