The RuneStone Library permits DOS software developers to include custom on-demand label printing in their applications, using inexpensive thermal printers from CoStar and Seiko. The library is easy-to-use, and handles all of the details of image rasterization and serial communications with the printer. Separate versions are available for Clipper and C/C++.

Using the RuneStone Library, users can print labels containing freely intermixed text, barcodes, and graphic images, individually rotated through 0/90/180/270 degrees, using selectable black, white, and grey-scale tones. Typeface and size can be individually specified for each text element, and all printed objects can be aligned to 1-pixel accuracy (1/138" or 1/203" depending on the printer model).

RuneStone also contains low-level serial-port functions optimized for use with the printers, so no additional libraries are required. RuneStone operates under all versions of DOS, Windows16, and Win95 DOS boxes; use under NT is not recommended, however.

The Clipper version of RuneStone can be completely overlayed using Blinker or Warplink, and is extended-mode compatible.

The C version is supplied with libraries for both Microsoft and Borland C Compilers, in all memory models. (C version source code is available at extra cost.)

A WYSIWYG label-designer and source code-generator is included at no extra charge. This utility makes it a snap to add on-demand label printing to your applications!

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